Many of the brand name models charge a lot for slick packaging and access to their cloud backend. If you’re doing your own system, you don’t really need any of that. Instead, you’ll want to focus on the features of the camera.

  • Their free options include a reporting tool to help you identify your top Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts.
  • The free social reporting tool helps you determine your best types of content, hashtags, mentions, posting times, and more, so you can optimize all your social media marketing efforts.
  • These free social media management posting tools will help you track and manage multiple social media profiles in a single interface by allowing you to schedule your posting for future release.
  • These tools can help you to grow your business and generate leads through social media.

Apple Logic Pro X

It is multifunctional and fast compared to other standalone photo recovery software. What I disliked, was though raw photos were repaired but they were obtained in JPEG format. Also, the free demo version, though shows the preview of files but does not let you save any of them. Ability to repair corrupt raw images of cameras is definitely a plus. Further, wide camera and storage devices support, recovery with original date timestamp, and other customize options make it user-friendly.

Disk Optimization Tasks

One of the fastest growing sectors in consumer technology is video monitoring. The floodgates opened with the launch of the popular Dropcam, and has kept going with a rash of competitors from both startups and established competitors. However, while most of them let you view the camera feed for free, the ones you hear about the most require a subscription to look back in time at your recordings. That also means that the company that makes the camera has access to your comings, goings, and video. Fortunately, if you want to set up your own video monitoring system, it keeps getting easier. In this article we’ll walk you through the steps, and give you some ideas for specific products. The Stellar Photo Recovery Premium software is priced at $69.99.

I added the raw image file of .CR2 format shot with Canon camera and a .JPEG picture. Within couple of minutes, the repair process was completed.

It offers unlimited data recovery and repair in various loss case scenarios such as deletion, formatting, virus infection etc. You also get free updates and 24/5 technical support via mail, chat, and call. Overall, I consider Stellar Photo Recovery Premium is able to address the needs of professionals who deal with thousands videos and photos on day-to-day basis.

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