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All the basic features are here, but IZArc leaves you with only the most basic feature set. Among the most noticeable was its odd progress meter which shows two bars running 100% during the entire archiving process. Its feature set is incomplete in its present version (4.x), but that same inadequacy contributes to its simplicity, and perhaps in large part to its wild popularity. 7-Zip has a clean, uncluttered interface, from its file manager to its dialogs. But that difference is more likely due to the LZMA algorithm than with 7-Zip itself. 7-Zip is home to the instantly popular 7z format, which with exabyte-sized capabilities is, like ZIP64 and RAR, beyond a practical limit. But because 7-Zip’s interface is so rudimentary, users shared with me their preference of TUGZip and IZArc for 7z file creation for daily operations.

In recent years the software industry has seen a revival of archive tools that are easier to use, more efficient, and more powerful than ever. Have a glance at your file to check what’s inside before unarchiving. Don’t extract the files you don’t need, pick only those you require. Once selected, Archiver decompresses only the files you need at lightning speed. Under Codec, you can either leave the existing setting alone or choose AAC , which does a good job compressing the audio while preserving its fidelity. In the Audio tab, you’ll see all the available audio tracks bundled in with your video file.

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(If you think some are missing, look for the Tracks pulldown menu and select Add All Tracks.) You can use the pulldowns in the track listing to add, reorder, or remove those tracks. If you choose VideoToolbox, make sure to set your desired bitrate in the Average Bitrate box. For HEVC, 4000kbps gets perfectly good results at a smaller file size. And 6000kbps will get you a picture closer to that of the original (with a file size roughly one-third larger than 4000kbps, proportionally matching the difference in bitrates). Remember that at the same bitrate, H.264 and H.265 will produce videos with nearly the exact same file size – but H.265 will look better.

You can choose between MP4 and MKV on HandBrake’s Summary screen, the first one you’ll see after you choose a video to compress. HandBrake offers unusually helpful tooltips when you roll over each item in its interface, so I’ll encourage you to explore on your own, and just cover the basics here. But before you open the downloaded file, make sure you validate its checksum.

Assuming the watermark is properly sized and positioned for the video you are adding it to, you don’t need to change any of the other settings. Also, at the bottom, you can instruct ff-Works what you want it to do once its compressed a file. Once you have downloaded both files, watch this tutorial on how to install ffMPEG. If you want to improve the look of your final output, keep reading. The "Select files" feature does not search within archive folders. For regular ZIP files, IZArc is fast, but for everything else, it is noticeably slow, almost intolerably slow. At first glance, IZArc appears much like TUGZip, but dive deeper and you’ll find the program almost as shallow as its Help file.

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  • format creates the largest output file of this sub-group, 80,40MB, with good archive creation speed, even faster than ARC.
  • WinZip and WinRAR may be household names, but we recommend against using them.
  • format at 71,70MB – with ARC outperforming 7Z and ZIPX in terms of compression speed, taking only about half the time.
  • Brotli speed is comparable with fastest ZIP implementations, and Zstandard scores the highest compression speed, significantly faster than any other compressor tested in the benchmark.
  • provides compression ratio in the same range of ZIP, comparing favourably in terms of speed.

WinRAR is a $29 shareware program by Alexander Roshal of RARLabs which includes a Lifetime license, and its full-featured trial version offers an ample 40-day evaluation. WinRAR provides power where you need it in an archiver — in its core feature set. The reason a large game installation was chosen was its variety of different files — photos, movies, sound, text, .exe, .dll, .img, etc. — and it offered a download ModLoader for Minecraft for Windows 10 chance to test the limits of each archiver. Archive tools are also frequently used to split files, add error detection and correction information, and provide security through encryption.

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