hi there this is Brian Collins from become a writer today and are you interested in fixing grammar mistakes in your writing or perhaps you heard about online grammar checkers and proofreading tools that you can use well I wrote tested three of the most popular online grammar checkers these are grammarly white smoke and ginger software and in this video review I’m going to stack these grammar checkers up side-by-side and I’m also going to compare them to words grammar checker so you can see which is best for fixing issues in your writing so for the purposes of this test I wrote a seven hundred word nonfiction article and I put some grammar and spelling mistakes into the article and I wrote it in word and don’t get me wrong the grammar checker N word is okay you know it has identified some issues with my writing so for example those grammar mistakes here I’m missing some full stops and so on and it’s also called a spelling mistake however word has also missed some issues so here is an example today Oh No known as father of in other words word hasn’t identified that there is a missing word within this sentence so let’s take this article and put it into grammarly and see if grammarly can find and fix this embarrassing grammar mistake so I have open the grammarly desktop app for Mac and I’m gonna paste my article into grammarly and it will take a few seconds to scan through the document and what it will do is much like word it will highlight or underline these sentences where there are issues so if I click mission you can see here it’s suggesting that I should change it to this and obviously it’s up to you to decide whether you want to do this or not but let’s see has it caught the missing word that word missed today oh no known as father of yes it has and if I highlight or hover over known it will give me some context in the sidebar so you can see here that grammar late will help me find embarrassing mistakes in my work the other thing I like about grammarly premium is it gives me lots of insights in a sidebar in other words reasons behind my mistakes and if I click on insights here I can find out how long my character count of my document is and they can find out the readability score and this is useful if I want to simplify my writing and become a better self editor and you I can also go to each one of these menu items to look for particular mistakes in my work and you can even send your work to a human proof reader if you’re particularly concerned about your writing what I would say to you is the premium version of grammar you will find and fix more mistakes than the free version and it would also give you deeper insights into what’s wrong with your writing or what you need to fix so next let’s see if whitesmoke can catch the grammar mistakes that weren’t missed i much grammerly identified and I’ve got open on screen white smoke for Mac of course white smoke is also available in your web browser and for Windows so I’m gonna paste the article into white smoke you can see here white smoke will bring over the formatting which is useful if I want to write directly in white smoke unlike grammarly I need to click check text to search the document for issues so let’s click check text when you do this it takes out some of the formatting but let’s see if I cut that mistake and you can see here it did it said it’s an incomplete sentence so that’s great I’m gonna click on today I can get an explanation of why this is an incomplete sentence and I can fix it directly in white smoke by typing you can also see it as a spelling mistake above the incomplete sentence and if I want to accept white smoke suggestion all I have to do is click when I’m done fixing all the mistakes in document all I have to do is copy the document into wherever else I’m going to users or I can click the apply changes button and this will happen all right smoke will open up a blank text document and paste it in with all of the changes directly made for me so this is just another way of exporting directly from white smoke so let’s see if ginger software can find the same issues that word makes too much grammarly found and for this test I’m using the web app for Chrome I’m gonna paste the article which I’ve saved to my clipboard into ginger software and let’s see what happens okay so it’s brought in all the formatting which is really useful for self editing you can see here it takes a few seconds to scan through the document my first thought is it’s a you second slower than grammerly but it seems to be catching almost everything but has it caught the sentence in question so when I scroll down I can see here that yes it’s identified there is a missing word it proposed a suggestion which I’m going to accept by clicking on the correct button so you can see here I could work my way to the document and fix all of these issues however it’s actually missed a spelling mistake here in the headline and I think this may be something to do with the formatting so let’s type that out and see does it does it still find an issue how to use the five why’s X when I do this yes it catches the spidey mistake so so there must be some small issue with having mistakes in your headlines so this is a good indication that while these tools are all really useful you should still print out your articles or your work and check them for mistakes and for longer pieces of writing you should always work with a human proof reader but that’s it they do serve as another line of defense and I particularly like ginger software because it also has an ability to translate articles into different languages so when I paste it in here it goes detect languages English and then I can pick from over 60 different languages including Irish so I’m from barlen so I’m gonna pick Irish and let’s see what happens and yes this this looks very much like Irish or Gaelic although I probably need to go through and fix this to make sure the translation is correct so for example I can see here some ampersands and numbers but this could be useful way of perhaps writing something in your native language and then converting it to English in other words going in the opposite direction the other feature that I like about ginger software is it has a dictionary built into it which is useful of your writer and you’re looking for new words and you should always look for new words so let’s type in something here and yes you can see here I can get definitions of words in question and if I’ve overused a word like make which is a commonly overused word by writers you can see here there’s lots of different cinnamons I can pick from so my takeaway from ginger software is it’s got lots of little interesting features but you just need to be careful with your headings if you’re going to use it so I have on screen the pricing for grammarly at the time of recording this video and you can see you can pay frame I monthly quarterly or annual subscription the monthly subscription is $29 per month whereas the annual subscription is just under $12 if you pay all from Selassie you can save a lot of money by paying all upfront or alternatively you could take out the quarterly subscription um balance affordability with perhaps taking a chunk out of your bank balance ginger software at the time recording this video we’re running a promotion where they offer 30% off and I know grammerly sometimes offers these promotions and you can see here it’s approximately $10 cheaper for the monthly subscription and if I go over to white smoke you can see it’s significantly cheaper than the other two proofreading tools if you pay for a yearly subscription it’s just six $59 all up front or if you pay for a tree or subscription you can just pay for 444 for 3 years of access to white smoke that’s it Grammy I’m ginger both offer free versions of their tools that you can roll test by installing into Chrome or by downloading and the free versions are relatively powerful they just don’t find as many grammar issues and you can see here remedy has unscrewing the difference between the two so the premium version has some advanced checks for punctuation and grammar which I can vouch for because I know the premium version of grammerly often finds issues with my comic placements and I has some additional vocabulary suggestions and you also get access to their plagiarism detector ginger software premium is somewhat similar in that you get access to a sentence reef razor which will help you self edit your writing and it will also give you some more analysis of your errors in other words more insights and that’s something I talk about in my detailed review which you can find a link to below this video so I hope you can see that each of the three grammar checkers that I featured in this video are more powerful than what word can do white smoke is perhaps the most affordable of the three and it’s great for new writers on a budget ginger has lots of fancy and additional features which are useful particularly if English is not your native language and grammerly is actually the grammar checker tool that I use most frequently because I signed up in 2015 but that’s as much down to a personal preference as it is to grammarly doing anything that the other two can’t do what I would actually encourage you to do is to try each of the three tools and then see which one fits best with the way you like to write and the way you like to work if you’ve got questions about this comparison just ask me below the video thanks for watching

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