Even in a state that Trump could still win, he is already complaining. “Donald Trump will speak again publicly.

However, there is no proof of such a connection. As a result, Facebook is now declaring war on contentious ads that make false claims in this regard. In the TV duel, Donald Trump addresses the “” Proud Boys “”.

The right-wing militia are celebrating the supposed blessing from the White House, while the more liberal America is appalled by the lack of distance. Now the US President is rowing back. Chris Wallace moderates the first TV duel between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. A thankless job, as he quickly discovered.

The day after, the disappointment remains above all. It was the first TV duel in the race for the White House – and in the end the horror prevails. The commission responsible now wants to set new rules for the next meeting. “Facebook wants to start a dating service in the US and thus attracts investors. The shares of the Internet giant are two percent up.

Facebook users could also integrate their Instagram posts in the dating profile, among other things, as the company announced. Papers from competitor Match Group, which includes the services Tinder and Okcupid, fall by two percent. The titles of the largest shareholder in Match Group, IAC / Ineractiv Group, are down more than two percent. Source: ntv.de “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by n-tv.de on the subject of the US election 2020picture alliance / dpa Friedrich Merz would “” get along with Donald Trump “”. With this statement, he is causing unrest in CDU ranks.

His opponent for the party chairmanship, Armin Laschet, advises him to exercise restraint. In the race for the US presidency, an imminent decision is becoming apparent. Trump challenger Joe Biden is reportedly already preparing for a big gig in his hometown. For this reason the Secret Service is sending more bodyguards to Wilmington.

Norbert Röttgen not only wants to become chairman of the CDU, he is also the Union’s leading foreign policy in the Bundestag. As such, he welcomes the German government’s reluctance to campaign in the US – but has a clear opinion of Trump’s behavior himself. Donald Trump’s lead in the contested states of Pennsylvania and Georgia is melting away. His eldest son asks him now to open the “” total war “”.

It is now time to “” clean up “”, trumpeted the 42-year-old on Twitter. The election of the US president is a head-to-head race and incumbent Trump is raging: He is calling for the postal votes to be counted. This now calls climate activist Thunberg on the scene, who taunts Trump’s favorite medium against him – in his own words.

Donald Trump has his back to the wall – his lead in Pennsylvania and Georgia is shrinking by the minute. The self-declared election winner appears again in the evening before the press and speaks of alleged election fraud. Several broadcasters stop broadcasting because of obvious lies. The rally on Wall Street continues.

In doing so, investors are betting that there will be no radical political change in direction in the USA after the presidential election. The US Federal Reserve is sticking to its ultra-loose monetary policy. Meanwhile, the shares of a chip manufacturer are going through the roof. Nothing new in Washington: The Federal Reserve is not touching the extremely low interest rates in the United States. The coronavirus pandemic is still too uncertain a variable for central bankers.

And the presidential election is also causing uncertainty. Trump can hardly win the presidential election directly. But he gives impetus to his threatened wave of lawsuits. All states recently awarded to Biden should end up in court. Even in a state that Trump could still win, he is already complaining. “Donald Trump will speak again publicly.argumentative essay outline

The President’s position in the White House has been announced for Thursday evening 6:30 p.m. local time (00:30 a.m. CET). In a first appearance after the election, Trump claimed election victory on Wednesday night, although no winner had yet been declared in a number of states. He had also announced legal action against the counting of ballot papers up to the Supreme Court.

The president currently has only 214 of the 270 electors needed to win. As things stand, Joe Biden has at least 253 voters. +++ 23:54 Result for Arizona will probably not be known until the weekend +++ The counting of votes in Arizona could drag on until the weekend. State Secretary Katie Hobbs told CNN that around 450,000 votes still have to be counted. Around 300,000 of these are still outstanding in the Maricopa district, which includes the capital Phoenix. Around 140,000 votes were counted there on Wednesday. “” By the weekend “” most of the counties “” should be through, Hobbs said.

Fox News and the Associated Press (AP) announced Joe Biden as the winner in Arizona in the hours after the election. Other media, such as CNN and the “” New York Times “”, however, consider the race to be too close to make a binding statement. According to the current count, Biden is about two percentage points ahead of President Trump. +++ 23:19 Trump’s lead in Pennsylvania melts to less than 100,000 votes +++ Joe Biden is catching up in the key state of Pennsylvania. In the afternoon (local time), Biden was not even 100,000 votes behind Donald Trump.

On Wednesday morning he still had a comfortable lead of more than 600,000 votes. With around 92 percent counted, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro reiterated in the state Supreme Court that he objected to Trump’s campaign team attempting to challenge a decision that had ballots counted up to three days after the election may be. That affects a good 10,000 ballot papers.

In any case, it will only depend on them if the race is extremely close. +++ 22:25 Biden urgently asks citizens to keep calm +++ Joe Biden made a short speech to the public. He reported having found out about the Covid situation that morning. At the election he said: “I ask you to remain calm.” “The election process works, even if it is sometimes chaotic, it needs patience. He and his runner-up, Kamala Harris – “” We’re still feeling very good. “” – continued to expect to emerge victorious in the end.

Trump didn’t mention Biden by name. “” He looks very confident that he will win, “commented the Republican politician Rick Santorum on the performance. +++ 21:58” “New York Times” “explains why they think Arizona is a draw +++ The news agency” ” The Associated Press and Fox News announced Arizona victory for Joe Biden on Wednesday – to the horror of Donald Trump. Other leading media did not follow this assessment. The “” New York Times “” now explains in detail their motives. “” The biggest reason we haven’t adopted the Arizona proclamation yet? We don’t believe that there isn’t enough solid data on the votes left to be counted after election day. “” It also says that in Arizona traditionally there are very many postal voters who are automatically sent their postal ballot papers. While the Democrats were in a hurry this year with their postal votes, there was no way of knowing what the large number of registered Republicans in the state was doing.

Many of their voices could still be in the boxes with letters that have not been counted. The “” Times “” estimates that around 400,000 postal votes have not yet been evaluated. Trump would have to get 17 percent more of these votes than Biden in order to pass him.

That is not unrealistic. +++ 21:24 The fight for Georgia becomes a hanging game +++ In the state of Georgia, the Democrats have a surprising success, even if Donald Trump is still leading there. Joe Biden is only 12,835 votes behind the incumbent and the majority of the remaining votes should go to Biden. But an official final result should be a long time coming.

As election supervisor Gabriel Sterling said in the afternoon (local time), around 47,000 votes are still not counted. For the first time in 20 years, the state is using paper instead of voting computers. Ironically, in districts near Biden, the count has stalled, including 17,000 votes in Chatham County. Sterling recalled that Georgia would still accept absentee votes 12 days after the election, for example from US soldiers deployed abroad.

However, a broadcaster or news agency could announce a winner beforehand – if not all votes have been counted, but a candidate can no longer be obtained mathematically. But that is all the more difficult to estimate the closer the race is. +++ 21:04 Nevada does not deliver new counting data until Friday +++ In the state of Nevada, where Joe Biden leads with 11,000 votes or 0.9 percentage points, nothing will happen on Thursday more decided. According to various media reports, Nevada, where 89 percent of the votes are counted, will not deliver new counting data until Friday. In Clark County alone, 51,000 more votes will be counted by then, reports Fox News. The majority of these postal votes are expected to go to Biden. +++ 20:34 Everything points to a victory for Joe Biden – at the moment +++ In the USA it is still in the middle of the day, but before you start your after-work series or – Turn to reading, a small summary of the situation: +++ 20:05 Trump fails with lawsuit in Michigan +++ A judge in Michigan has dismissed a lawsuit by the lawyers of President Donald Trump, who achieve a stop in the counting of votes in the state wanted to.

After counting 99 percent of the votes, the state is already attributed to Trump’s opponent Biden. +++ 19:44 Pennsylvania could decide the US election tonight +++ Kathy Boockvar, the State Secretary of the Interior of the State of Pennsylvania, is optimistic that almost everyone will still open 550,000 votes will be counted during Thursday. That’s what Boockvar said on CNN. Should Joe Biden, who is around 114,000 votes behind Donald Trump, still overtake the US President, he would be the election winner. Biden’s 20 Pennsylvanian electoral votes would be enough for a majority in Electoral College, Trump not. No less interesting: Boockvar does not consider the dispute over the validity of postal votes sent on time but too late as decisive. It is “” not a question of large numbers.

The postal votes that were received too late would not have “” much influence “” on the overall result. Because of the legal dispute with the Trump camp, these votes were counted and stored separately to be on the safe side in order to be able to declare them invalid if necessary. +++ 19:21 Post delivers 24,000 election letters from contested states too late +++ In the dispute over validity The US Postal Service (USPS) provides arguments against Trump’s request not to count them for election letters that arrive late. Because the post didn’t deliver.

Almost 24,000 election papers were not received in time on November 3rd. According to court documents, as of November 4, the Post delivered 6,877 records in Pennsylvania, 5,915 in North Carolina, 9,037 in Nevada, and 1,706 in Georgia. Pennsylvania has yet to accept letters received by 5:00 p.m. Friday, provided the postmark is no later than November 3rd. Trump is suing against it and called on Twitter: “” Stop the counting of votes. “” +++ 19:00 The best readings and videos for the US election +++ +++ 18:46 Trump’s team is also suing in Nevada, which is still open “” Irregularities “” +++ US President Donald Trump’s election campaign team is now also filing a lawsuit in a state that has not yet been included in any of the candidates: Nevada. Trump confidante and former US ambassador to Berlin, Richard Grenell, said in Las Vegas that “illegal” ballots are currently being counted.

Former Nevada attorney general, Republican Adam Laxalt, said there have been reports of numerous “” irregularities “”. Ballot papers were cast in the name of the dead. In addition, the votes of thousands of people were counted who left their constituency during the corona pandemic and were therefore no longer allowed to vote there. With a count of 88 percent of the votes, Biden in Nevada is more than 11,000 votes or 0.9 percentage points ahead of Trump. +++ 18:21 Trump wants to contest Biden’s victories for electoral fraud +++ US President Trump continues to sow doubts about the Legality of the US Presidential Election. “” All of the last states that were slammed into Biden are being challenged by us for election fraud and state election fraud, “Trump wrote on Twitter. Joe Biden’s campaign legal advisor, Bob Bauer, accused Trump of trying to undermine popular belief in the integrity of the election.

His complaints are pointless. Twitter provided the tweet with a warning that Trump was spreading unproven claims. +++ 17:59 Legal dispute blocked counting of 29,000 votes in Pennsylvania +++ The state of Pennsylvania, which was fiercely contested because of its 20 electoral votes, will no longer be the one already received on Thursday Counting out postal ballot papers to the end. Because of a legal dispute, the parties had agreed to set aside 29,000 votes by 5 p.m. local time on Friday, reports CNN.

Then the deadline for postal votes received late but stamped on election day ends. The dispute is about votes from County Allegheny, where the city of Pittsburgh is located. According to CNN, 605,000 votes in Pennsylvania are not counted. Trump currently leads Biden with 116,224 votes. According to calculations by the CNN editorial team, 61 to 63 percent of the votes not counted would have to go to Biden for him to snatch Pennsylvania from Trump.

This is considered quite realistic. +++ 17:44 Atlanta lets Trump’s Georgia lead shrink further +++ As CNN reports, around 6,000 other votes from the Fulton County district, which belongs to the city of Atlanta, are counted and transmitted. These were mostly in favor of Biden: Trump’s lead fell from 18,146 to 14,857 votes. Around 55,000 votes have yet to be counted.

Most of the votes come from similar, more Biden-inclined districts. +++ 17:33 Voters complain in Arizona because of allegedly destroyed election papers +++ In Maricopa County, a contested district in the particularly close race for the state of Arizona, a dispute is over the pens issued by the election workers burned.

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