Pascual: “” In such a complicated group, scoring two points away is important “

In addition, Xavi Pascual’s team wielded a solid defense that was nullifying the effectiveness of Portuguese Gilberto Duarte and left-handed winger Przemyslaw Krajevski, who disappeared midway through the first half. This broke the match, which went from 12-14 (m.25) to the almost unattainable 13-21 at the end of the first 30 minutes.

With many turnovers, Wisla Plock saw the Barça advantage reach 13 goals (18-31, m.46), after a goal by Aitor Ariño. With everything decided, Xavi Pascual’s team relaxed and the good actions of the Romanian winger Valenctín Ghione and the former Granollers player, the Brazilian José Guillherme Toledo, managed to close the gap (28-35, m.37).

Everything was decided with a great Raúl Entrerríos setting the pace of the match and the usual solidity of Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas under the sticks. A triumph that allows Barça Lassa to place second in the group, one point behind the leader, Vardar Skopje.

Paschal: "Proud of my team, but more than being Catalan"

The FC Barcelona Lassa coach, Xavi Pascual, has declared after his team’s resounding victory on the Wisla Plock court that this Sunday was a day "very sad for everyone", alluding to the incidents that occurred in the referendum held in Catalonia.

"We 1xbet account login have won. We played a good game. We have done what we had to do and I am very proud of my team, but more proud to be Catalan" he pointed.

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Paschal: "In such a complicated group, scoring two points away is important"

"I am very proud to see how my people are in the streets and today was not a day for sports, but a day that will go down in history for good things and bad things." concluded.

FC Barcelona Lassa has achieved an epic victory 28-27 against a reborn Wisla Plock who had his rival against the ropes when he was winning 19-23 with 15 minutes remaining.


On 02/21/2018 at 8:43 PM CET

David rubio







(14 + 14): Pérez de Vargas (p., 1), Entrerríos (5), Sorhaindo (1), Dika Mem (1), Viran Morros, Aleix Gómez (2), Ariño (2) -starting seven-, Ristovski (ps), Valero Rivera, Dolenec (6, 3p.), N’Guessan (3), Jallouz (3), Syprzak (4) and Alexis Borges.


(15 + 12): Wichary (p.), Ghionea (4), Toledo (5), Tomasz Gebala (1), Racotea (5), Maciej Gebala (1), Mihic (4) -starting seven-, Morawski ( ps), Duarte (4), Tarabochia, Zabic (3, 2p.), Obradovic and Ivic.


Zigmars Sondors and Renars Licis (Latvia). They excluded two minutes to the locals Víctor Tomás (35:55) and to the visitors Ghionea (7:04), Gebala (32:07), Duarte (38:19 and 59:28) and Zabic (55:52).


3-2, 6.6, 8-10, 12-11, 13-13 (rest), 16-19, 18-20, 19-23, 23-23, 26-26 and 28-27 (final)


Match corresponding to the 12th round of Group A of the Champions League played at the Palau Blaugrana before 2,515 spectators.

Once again, Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas led the Barça reaction, although this time he had the collaboration of the eternal Raúl Entrerríos, who signed five decisive goals and led his team to a very hard-working victory.

Furthermore, the defeat of Nantes on the Zagreb court (23-22) places the Catalans one point behind Nantes, who will have to face Vardar and Rhein Neckar in the last two days.

Barça Lassa faced the clash in good time after their European victory against champion Vardar (29-28) and their league victories against Ángel Ximénez Puente Genil (19-38), Bada Huesca (33-20) and Fertiberia Puerto Sagunto (29 -33).

However, Xavi Pascual is still unable to complete the calls with first team players due to the absences of Yannis Lenne, Aron Palmarsson and the long-term absence of Lasse Andersson.

In front, Wisla Plock arrived penultimate in the heat of struggle to access the ‘play-offs’ and after linking two consecutive wins against the powerful Pick Szeged (24-25) and RK Zagreb (27-24).

defensive relaxation and equality

The first half was marked by lax defenses, especially on the Barça side, which allowed Wisla Plock to remain fully within the game led by a player led by Xavi Pascual in the Romanian national team, Dan-Emil Racotea.

At the start, four goals by Racotea allowed Wisla to maintain the tie (6-6) after the first seven minutes despite the three interventions that Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas had already made, which went from more to less.

A goal from Álex Gómez, pure talent on the far right, put the Catalans ahead (7-6), but a partial 1-4 with two goals in a row from José Guilherme Toledo (ex Fraikin Granollers) gave two goals from rent to visitors (8-10).

Wisla had an attack to leave for three goals and it seemed that Xavi Pascual’s time-out was about to fall … but the team reacted in a big way with four consecutive recoveries (three from Viran Morros) and two goals from the great Entrerríos placed the 12-10 in the mail.

However, Barça returned to their old ways and lowered the defensive piston again, which the current runner-up of Poland took advantage of (behind Kielce de Talant Dujshebaev) to leave with an advantage to the changing rooms (14-15) after a goal of Kamil Syprzak.

four goals up wisla

The resumption served to verify that it did not seem to be the afternoon-night of Barça Lassa. A goal from Mihic placed Wisla with three goals ahead (16-19) and, although Barça improved in defense, they were too thick in attack.

Pérez de Vargas did what he could, including a penalty saved to Savic, but the locals could not reduce their disadvantage and, with four goals in 12, they lost by four with 18 minutes remaining after two consecutive goals from Duarte and Mihic (18- 22).

The situation had become extremely complicated and an immediate reaction was urgent, with the condition that Xavi Pascual had already used up his time out to ask his players for patience.

entrerríos and gonzalo, decisive

Far from lowering their arms, Barça redoubled their efforts in defense and managed to tie at 24 thanks to the saves by Pérez de Vargas and a good offensive series that Wael Jallouz completed.

From there, the game became a lottery, with continuous inaccuracies and losses until finally the brilliant Raúl Entrerríos overtook Barça two minutes from the end (27-26).

Mihic leveled for Wisla, Syprzak scored the winning goal and the Poles failed to score in the last attack of the match.

Barça Lassa wants to continue the streak in the Champions League against Wisla

Barça, a roller in Puente Genil

Barça did not play well and were unable to set the pace of the match, but made a show of courage that allowed them to add two very important points (28-27).

Jure Dolenec underwent surgery on Wednesday afternoon to repair his injury to the external meniscus of his right knee that was causing him discomfort.


On at 22:50 CET

Àngels Fàbregues @afabregues

At 10:30 p.m., FC Barcelona issued a statement in which it assured that the operation, directed by Dr. Monllau and supervised by Dr. Puigdellívol and Dr. Gutiérrez, was carried out successfully so that the return of the player is scheduled for three months from now, the time that usually passes for a player to recover from this intervention.

The Slovenian right-back arrived this summer at Barça Lassa from Montpellier, and so far he has played 18 games across all competitions, in which he has scored a total of 35 goals. He even played the game on Tuesday 7th when it was planned that he would not, but the absence of the newly signed Aron Palmarsson forced Xavi Pascual to have him.

Dolenec will miss the European Championship with Slovenia and will not join the squad until the league games in early February.

Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid coach, has until September 2 to leave the squad at 22 players, two per position. The Frenchman has 28 players, three with chips in subsidiary teams (Vinicius and Rodrygo with Castilla and Kubo with Juvenil A), and he needs at least three casualties if he does not sign anyone. It does not have Bale, James and Mariano, but the first two have a difficult solution given the price and the salary they charge. That is why they are looking for other ways to release ballast. 


On at 16:29 CEST

Alejandro Alcazar

The Chamartín club receives constant inquiries about the situation of its players, but few convince. The last ones are for Isco, James, from Roma; Italians, like Betis, have also been interested in Mariano; Lucas Vázquez, from Celta, and Lunin and Kubo, from Valladolid. Everyone could enter into different operations that would unload the roster of chips of a team where there are plenty of players. 


On the occasion of Rome-Madrid, the Italian team was interested in the situation of Isco and James Rodríguez, according to “La Gazzetta dello Sport”. The possible sale of Donnarumma to PSG would leave the millions that he would invest in signing one of the two. For Zidane there would be no doubts, James was out. Madrid accepts the position of the French although the Colombian is a player they like. 

Isco, for his part, has earned the rejection of the fans after teasing the team last season. Madrid would get more benefit from the transfer from Malaga, who would not mind selling. Zidane has given him an opportunity to clean up the bad image he gave last season, although he already had problems with him in the past when he did not start. In addition, the Malaga player is still on Juventus’ agenda in case of selling Dybala and Cristiano would endorse his signing. 


On the other hand, Celta wants to loan Lucas Vázquez, according to “Ok Diario”. The Galician player is another one who has dropped his performance alarmingly and could leave to make room in case they sign a reinforcement.

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