At the same time, you do not need an Internet connection to work with textbooks

Within the framework of the regional project “Electronic School of the Belgorod Region”, work continues on filling the “Diary” module on the basis of the “Virtual School” information system. From April 1, the functionality of the portal will expand: it will be possible to provide feedback – from student to teacher.  

Schoolchildren, having completed the task posted in the “Diary”, will be able to attach files with answers and send them to the teacher’s personal account. According to the latest data, 162 thousand students from Belgorod are users of the Virtual School platform.  

Currently, specialists from the Information Technology Factory, which is the developer of this regional educational platform, are expanding the technical capabilities of the portal. 

The increased load on all educational online services caused by a manifold increase in traffic indicates the population’s attention to education. That is why additional support measures will be directed to the development of the digital sphere of the Belgorod region.

Employees of the Belgorod Regional Center for Assessment of the Quality of Education are preparing a training video instruction on how to work in the updated “Diary”.  

* Photo from the website of the Education Committee of the Volgograd Region

An interregional youth research competition “The Battle of Stalingrad in the history of Russia” is being held in the Volgograd region. Young people from 14 to 30 years old can take part in it. Among them are high school students, students of colleges and technical schools, students, undergraduates and graduate students, young professionals. To do this, it is necessary to carry out a research project using documents from state and personal archives, museum exhibits, and the results of expeditions. 

The youth competition is held in six directions: “The life of the military Stalingrad and the region”, “From Stalingrad to Berlin”, “Search and discoveries”, “My small homeland and its heroes”, “The feat sung in granite”, “Young scientists”. 

Based on the results of the extramural stage, the best projects will be selected for participation in the full-time round, which will take place on April 25 at the site of Volgograd State University. As a result of the competition, each participant will receive a collection of reports with abstracts, the winners will be awarded diplomas and memorable prizes.

The “Battle of Stalingrad in Russian History” competition has been held since 1995. For the second year, it has been held at the interregional level. Last year, more than a hundred young researchers from the Volgograd Region, Rostov-on-Don, Astrakhan, and Voronezh joined him.   

Russian schools that have switched to a distance learning format are already using various educational platforms, access to which is open for every student, teacher, parent free of charge.

The Ministry of Education informs about publicly available federal and other educational online platforms, and also conducts a dialogue with the owners of open resources about the need to provide free access to educational content. The list of these resources is constantly growing.

Interactive lessons for the entire school course from the 1st to the 11th grade of the best teachers in the country are provided by the Russian Electronic School. These are more than 120 thousand unique tasks, thematic courses, video tutorials, tasks for self-examination, a catalog of museums, films and music concerts. The portal is also useful for teachers who can use the best didactic and teaching materials for all lessons.

“Moscow Electronic School” is a wide range of electronic textbooks and tests, interactive lesson scripts. MES solutions are available to everyone and have already received high marks from teachers, parents and children of a number of Moscow schools. Checking errors, talking to teachers, homework, lesson preparation materials, quiz and test options are all available to parents, teachers, and students from any device. More than 769 thousand audio, video and text files, over 41 thousand lesson scripts, more than 1 thousand teaching aids and 348 textbooks from publishing houses, more than 95 thousand educational applications have been uploaded to the MES library in the open access.

A separate TV channel Mosobrtv is also available – the first educational television, where the school timetable and lessons are presented live.

The career guidance portal “Ticket to the Future” with video lessons for middle and high school as well as advanced testing and immersion opportunities in various specialties and areas of training already on the basis of school education.

For those who study in the system of secondary vocational education, all the possibilities of the resource of the Union “Young Professionals (WorldSkills Russia)” – the official operator of the international movement WorldSkills International, whose mission is to raise the standards of personnel training, are presented free of charge.

Younger schoolchildren will be able to continue their studies in the Russian language and mathematics with the help of the YandexUbbook service. The resource contains more than 35 thousand tasks of various difficulty levels for schoolchildren in grades 1-5. All tasks were developed by experienced methodologists, taking into account the federal state standard. More than 1.5 million schoolchildren have already used the resource. Among the capabilities of YandexUbbook is the automatic check of answers and instant feedback for students.

An easy transition to a distance learning format will be provided by the educational platform “”. Schoolchildren are offered interactive courses in core subjects and test preparation, while teachers and parents are offered thematic distance learning webinars. The platform’s methodology helps to work out the mistakes of students, builds their individual educational trajectory, displays the progress of students in their personal account. Also, an internal chat has been created in users’ personal accounts, where teachers, students and parents can discuss assignments, their successes and progress. The platform is used by 220 thousand teachers and 3.6 million schoolchildren.

It is possible to build an effective distance learning process using the New School Platform created by Sberbank. The goal of the program is to form a personalized educational trajectory at school, to create opportunities for every child for successful study.

Free access to electronic versions of educational and methodological complexes included in the Federal List is provided by the “Prosveshchenie” publishing house. Access will be extended to both the textbook and special simulators for practicing and consolidating the acquired knowledge. At the same time, you do not need an Internet connection to work with textbooks.

To provide open free access to the catalog of interactive educational materials, educational literature, e-books, training videos and courses, the system “Marketplace of educational services” was created. Leading Russian companies of various profiles are involved in filling the resource, including Yandex, 1C,, Skyeng, Codwards, Prosveshchenie Publishing House and others. The platform is already available in 13 regions; it is actively used by the Astrakhan, Novgorod, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk, Kaluga, Sakhalin, Tyumen, Kaliningrad, Kemerovo regions, Altai and Perm regions, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug.

Foxford,, Skyeng Online School also opened free access to their resources. With the help of these resources, students in grades 1-11 will be able to continue to study general education subjects and prepare for final exams and Olympiads. Classes on the platforms are taught by teachers from Moscow State University, MIPT, Higher School of Economics and other leading universities in the country.

Considering the popularity of social networks among schoolchildren, the VKontakte social network, for example, can become an effective tool for conducting distance lessons for teachers. These are group chats, video and live broadcasts, articles, communities, where you can upload the necessary files of different formats – from presentations and texts to audio and video. All this makes it possible to maintain a lively communication between the teacher and the student and ensure the continuity of the educational process.

The My Achievements online platform expands access from Moscow to the entire country. A wide range of diagnostics for students from grades 1 to 11 in school subjects and various topics. Materials for preparation for diagnostics from the Moscow Center for Education Quality.

The platform for holding Olympiads and courses “Olympium” where more than 72 school Olympiads have already been presented.

Moscow hosted the final stage of the X North-Eastern Olympiad for schoolchildren in philology (Russian language and literature), organized by the North-Eastern Federal University named after M.K. Ammosov. The venue for the Olympiad was the Institute for Education Management of the Russian Academy of Education.

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