Wine grows by itself, but it doesn’t come into being by itself

Wine grows by itself, but it doesn’t come into being by itself

It’s all in the mix

Experts recommend using the good flammability of the charcoal and the long burning time of the briquettes in combination. Just mix both materials. In the grill, it is best to put coal and briquettes together to form a pyramid. Like a campfire, it burns down from the bottom up. The result: long-lasting embers and meat with the typical charcoal aroma.

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Professional tip: the chimney starter

Charcoal and briquettes are not easily flammable and therefore need ignition aids. Professionals use biological lighters and a chimney. Liquid lighters have to soak into the coals for a few minutes before lighting, only then will they work properly. Before you put sausages and the like on the grill, these lighters must be completely burned off, otherwise they will give off their intense smell to the food. Grill professionals advise against using egg cartons or newspaper as a kindling aid. Remnants and ash can swirl through the air, annoy neighbors and guests and under certain circumstances even unintentionally ignite fires elsewhere. Fire accelerators such as denatured alcohol or gasoline have no place in lighting the grill fire, recommends Stiftung Warentest. These agents can cause severe deflagration and flash fire.

A 16-year-old got into a police control in Memmingen while drunk behind the wheel. According to information from Friday, the police are now reporting him for driving without a license and for violating the traffic regulations. Officials had checked the youth on Friday night and noticed the smell of alcohol. A breath test showed more than 0.5 per thousand. Logically, the 16-year-old did not have a driver’s license with him. According to the notification, the car was registered to the father.

Memmingen (dpa / lby) – Due to the low storm “Sabine” there are flight delays at Allgäu Airport in Memmingen. The landings of two machines also had to be diverted to Bergamo in Italy, as a spokeswoman said on Monday. It is a Ryanair flight from London-Stansted and a Wizzair plane from the Romanian airport Sibiu. According to the spokeswoman, flight operations had taken place as planned in the morning. Passengers are advised to contact the relevant airline in good time before departure.

The peak of success: an own estate with a view of the vines and a vaulted cellar in which the very best wines mature. Celebrities, stock market millionaires and other successful people are fulfilling this dream. But how do you buy a winery in Tuscany? What’s next after that? lifts the curtain of secrecy and gives insights into the noble hobby of wealthy men.

Your own winery

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The connoisseur enjoys, buys and is silent; and nobody talks about it in the environment either. Anyone who has made a lot of money on the stock exchange, for example, wants to invest properly. But it can have a little fun. Maybe a winery? Not a bad idea. Taste your own vintage every year, invite friends into the old walls for a country party, sit on the terrace and open the next bottle: Sounds good.

Many celebrities buy a good

Celebrities like pop star Cliff Richard, conductor Justus Frantz, the Hollywood couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and director Francis Ford Coppola have bought where good, good wine grows and there is peace and quiet. Günter Jauch owns an estate in Saarland. Dieter Meier from “Yello”, a successful musician from Switzerland, has invested in Argentina. But above all a world-famous wine region in Italy

is a place of longing: Tuscany. Here the pop stars Sting, Gianna Nannini and singer Al Bano – who once became famous with Romina Power – produce wine from their own vineyards. In addition, Professor Wolfgang Reitzle, ex-CEO of Linde AG, and his wife, the television presenter Nina Ruge, belong to the illustrious

More about wine

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There are currently quite a few wineries for sale in Tuscany. Bettina Kurz and Frank Höfinger know exactly which ones are available. Both have worked as entrepreneurs in Germany for 20 years and have been living in San Gimignano, one of the most beautiful spots in Tuscany, for six years. There they had initially leased an estate with ten hectares of vineyards and produced wine that was internationally recognized. For some years now, with their company Viva Business, they have been selling wineries to investors or men who dream of their own wine. They also work as interim managers, because the sale of wineries only works with a lot of professional work, correct assessments >>

and good business acumen. Wine grows by itself, but it doesn’t come into being by itself. Selling also takes a lot of effort. “We never name names – neither of our clients nor of the wineries we broker,” said Bettina Kurz in an interview with “If the name of a celebrity became known, he would hardly be able to save himself from broker offers,” she explains, explaining her secrecy, “but the owner families also want discretion in sales. You have a reputation to lose.”

At least 2.5 million euros

Because there is a lot of money involved: “You have to bring at least 2.5 million euros with you if you are interested,” says Frank Höfinger, “the most expensive purchase price in our agency was around 30 million. You can also invest 60 million . It’s just a matter of creditworthiness and interest. ” The Russian billionaire Roman Abramowitsch, for example, wanted to buy the renowned Tuscan winery Banfi in Montalcino, Kurz and Höfinger learned. He offered a whopping 500 million euros, but the owner family refused, saying that the property was not for sale.

Kurz and Höfinger’s customers include wealthy Germans and Swiss people, but above all rich people from Hong Kong, the USA, China and Eastern Europe. “We recently brokered an item for a gentleman from Hong Kong who made a hefty profit from the IPO of the Internet portal Alibaba. He was looking for an alternative investment that yields returns, is suitable as a status symbol – and has won three or four times can celebrate with friends in the year. “The brokers also brokered a nice good to six American business people who are friends and who love wine. “They want to drink their own wine at home, only produce a small amount and market it in the US themselves,” he says. “The organic aspect was very important to you, and that applies to many of our clients.” Most interested parties from Hong Kong, on the other hand, were looking for “a good return including Italian tax savings,” added Bettina Kurz. The reputation of the wine region is particularly important to others. >>

“The focus is on status. We recently brokered an estate for a very wealthy man from which he can see the tower of the Duomo in Florence. That was crucial for him.” A very special gadget next to yacht and private jet.

Kurz and Höfinger have very slowly earned the trust of the landowners. They know what they are talking about – and in perfect Italian. “The Germans are considered very correct here, that helped us,” says Frank Höfinger and laughs. But many of the owner families are rural, and the young people there rarely speak English. That makes purchase negotiations quite difficult.

Only the local contacts count

Kurz and Höfinger now look after four of their clients’ goods as managers and work together with Tuscan experts, oenologists, agronomists and lawyers – so that every client gets good wine. “The Sting winemaker is also active on our behalf,” reveals Bettina Kurz. The biggest mistake of their prospects is not to seek advice from locally rooted experts before buying. “The prices of the goods depend not only on the property and the property, but above all on the price that you get for the wine,” emphasizes Frank Höfinger. “Anyone who sells 50 euros per bottle demands more than a family who can only earn ten euros. Goods in renowned regions are more expensive than in no-name areas. And the purchase prices fluctuate extremely. Our job is to achieve a realistic value find, negotiate – and then organize day-to-day operations. Our clients have no idea about any of this. ” But they are picky. It takes a year, sometimes two, until the two of them have found the right product for a client. The requirement lists are often long and often disproportionate to the time celebrities spend on the estate. When the dream is fulfilled, you occasionally come by with friends and drive again. It’s really nice here. You can see impressions in our photo show.

A 16-year-old and a 29-year-old without a license were exposed on one of their jaunts. During a routine check in Sulzbach-Rosenberg, it was revealed that the 29-year-old driver did not have a driver’s license, the police said on Friday. As it turned out, the car belonged to the mother of the 16-year-old passenger, who had secretly taken the key and drove to his accomplice himself on Friday night. Then they would have taken turns driving. The 16-year-old admitted that a year ago he drove a distance of over two hours to visit a friend.

Despite the Easter holidays, there will be little traffic in Bavaria according to a forecast by the ADAC. “Due to the current exit restrictions, we expect significantly less travel around the Easter holidays and hardly any traffic jams,” the association announced on Friday. Because of the Corona crisis, visits to friends or relatives are not allowed over Easter either.

Usually Maundy Thursday is the most congested day of the whole year, it said. On the day travel and commuter traffic come together. This year, car and truck drivers in Bavaria would only have to expect waiting times at the borders due to stricter controls.

Also at the Bavarian airports there will be significantly less going on at Easter due to the Corona crisis. On the Friday before the vacation, Munich Airport reported 1200 take-offs and landings in 2019 – this year only 51. In both vacation weeks of last year, 18,000 flights with more than two million passengers were registered.

Nuremberg Airport expected more than 175,000 travelers in the Easter holidays in 2019. This year there will be no flights for private individuals because of the many entry bans, said a spokesman. The airport is ready for return, rescue or cargo flights. “This is our contribution to the fight against the coronavirus.”

“We have no scheduled air traffic in the next two weeks,” said a spokeswoman for the airport in Memmingen. The Easter holidays in Bavaria last from April 4th to 19th.

Two men wanted to fly from Allgäu Airport to London with supposed Turkish diplomatic passports – but police officers unmasked the papers as forgery. The copied passports were of an exceptionally high quality, the police said on Monday. A judge sent the 37- and 40-year-old Turks into custody on Saturday. They then applied for asylum in Germany. The airport is in Memmingerberg in Unterallgäu.

Invite you to a wine tasting. (Photo: archive) The different nuances in color, smell and taste characterize wine. What could be more natural than to taste these different facets in a wine tasting. In fact, the best way to learn about wines is to try them in comparison. Wine tasting with friends at home is a special treat. Which wines you put together for tasting is up to you. Ernst Büscher from the German Wine Institute (DWI) advises, however, “It is always advisable to go to work systematically for the wine tasting and to set a topic.” Tips for a successful wine tasting:

Tips Are you a connoisseur of fine wines?

Theme for the wine tasting

One possibility would be to compile the sample with different grape varieties from a growing area. The challenge is to discover a characteristic taste. Alternatively, wines of the same grape variety from different growing regions can be tasted, for example Riesling from the Rheingau, the Palatinate, Mosel-Saar-Ruwer or Rheinhessen.

Continuous increase

When sampling the year, you should always start with the youngest and try in descending order. In contrast, the quality is tasted in ascending order, from simple wine to top quality. In addition, white before red and dry before lovely. In the case of red wines, the fruity ones are tasted before the tannic ones. Since the wines from the oak barrel, so-called barrique wines, have the most intense aromas, they are tasted at the end. For hidden samples, the bottles are wrapped in a sleeve, film or stocking and numbered.

It depends on the glasses

Every guest should have at least two glasses so that they can compare the wines directly. The shape of the glass is crucial to how the wine meets the tongue. Ideally, the right glass is available for every wine. Commercially available sample tubes are also possible. In any case, everyone should have the same glasses and they should be odorless and colorless, advises the DWI. Six to ten wines should be selected for a private wine tasting. Because with an inexperienced taster, the ability to differentiate clearly decreases with more than ten wines.

The temperature is decisive

If the wine is too warm or too cold, the taste can be distorted. The often mentioned room temperature is 16 to 18 degrees. If red wine is taken out of the cellar about two hours before the tasting, it is usually at the right temperature. White wines can come out of the refrigerator. Bread rolls or bread and a sip of water are served for the wine tasting. A bite between the wines neutralizes the taste.

Try and enjoy

The individual glasses are only filled up to two thirds with wine. The first thing to look at is the clarity, luster and color of the wine. After gently swiveling the glass, the nose absorbs the variety of aromas. And only then is a sip taken.

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